Terrain generation in Flash

Background Information

Generating Random Fractal Terrain by Paul Martz. A good overview of the theory behind terrain generation (midpoint displacement and other techniques).

Actionscript 3

An extensive list of links on terrain rendering in Flash by Bruce Jawn

Impressive ones at wonderfl

Code found on wondefl can be executed within Flex Builder. Create a project File > New ... > Actionscript Project. Make sure that you have the Flex SDK 3.5 installed and that this project makes use of it (Project > Properties > Actionscript Compilers > Flex SDK Version). If Base64Decoder is required for the project to run, download the SDK source for 3.5. Locate mx.utils.Base64Decoder. In your project, create a folder mx/utils/ and copy there the class Base64Decoder. Delete the line that define the resource metadata as this requires the Flex framework (not included in an Actionscript project). Run your project,

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