Flex Builder autocompletion problems

Writing this down as a memory refresher as I bump across the issue on a regular basis.

On some projects, autocompletion seems to not work properly. In particular, within the flash package. flash.events.Event, flash.display.Bitmap are nowhere to be seen. If you add them manually, it compiles fine. But if you make any change to your script, then Flex Builder may attempt to reorganize your import statements and the flash.events or flash.display imports disappear most annoying.

A solution that works for me is one that was given on the FlexCoders mailing list.

Under Project Properties > Flex Build Path > Library Path, remove the playerglobal.swc under the framework SDK. Click Add SWC and find the player global SWC for Player *9* in the 3.2 SDK (assuming you've got it somewhere). For example, /frameworks/libs/player/9/playerglobal.swc.

Clean the project and you should see everything working again.

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