Flash Player 10 on Android

Quite gobsmacked. I have now Flex applications running on my Nexus one.

There were some rumours of Froyo only available in June. Then other rumours of it being already pushed over the AIR. But that appeared to be mostly for phones given to the Press.

Thanks to giz http://bit.ly/cF9os6 got froyo on the nexus1.

Once Froyo was installed, I had to point the browser on the device to the labs download page


and click on the link to download Flash Player 10.1 for Android.

That was it! After that, I was able to play some of my Flex files on my droid.

Provided that you don't forget to tap on the flex app first to give it the focus, all mouse interactions work like a charm. Click and drag and drop. The only major issue that I have found, is that scrollbars that may appear at the bottom or right of the screen to deal with content overflow are pretty much impossible to slide.

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