FishBoid, a mini-game for android Nexus One

First attempt at creating a mini-game with Flex on the nexus one.

Determine the direction of the fish by moving your device up and down and left and right.

The video was taken using some box contraption that ensures that the camera moves in parallel to the device, to ensure that the screen remains in focus. Any up and down or left and right movement appears weaker than it actually is.

I wrote it in a way so that it can be played in different envrinments. A device controller is defined at runtime and that controller will listen to different inputs and react to them slightly differently. The model and view remain the same.

Here the fish follows the mouse cursor. It is less fun to play than the accelerometer version.

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Credits: Adapted from a BIONIC SIMULATION (C) 2001 - Luis Pabon ( made available on FlashKit. Original mentions that "You can freely use and modify this code but please, give credit to the author"

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