Kinect in Flex

My husband bought a Kinect and released an application that let you run kinect from your USB port, without having to install any driver. Check out cocoakinect project.

Anyway, I noticed that a actionscript wrapper was provided in the openkinect/libfreenect libraries on github. With a helping hand from my husband, got the as3server running. Once it is running, rgb and heatmap pictures can be viewed by running mxmlc or (provided in the libfreenect library). If you have Flex installed, simply run 'mxmlc' from the command line.

I modified the as3server file slightly to send me the depth information as a grayscale instead of a color map. I then migrated the code to flashBuilder and had a bit of fun trying to convert the image to an elevated isometric map, adapting code from Chapter 3 of Keith Peters book AdvancED ActionScript 3.0 Animation.

Early days. More to come.

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