Why you should stay away from runrev

There has been a few articles about runrev recently. As they tend to be one sided, I thought it may be worth providing an alternative view on it.

Having used it for more than two years, my opinion of revolution is that it is not worth the time or money investment for persons who have never been exposed to hypercard before.

I would really NOT recommend students to go for this tool.There is very little interest for runrev (product of Runtime Revolution Ltd) outside of the runrev community. There is very little room for growth and the progressive learning of more advanced practices within this community.

Young kids are really better off with the likes of scratch or kodu.

Students are better off learning languages like Lua or Ruby. Both are about as simple to learn as runrev. Both require as little coding if not less coding than revolution. They appear in the top 20 of the most popular programming languages, in the TIOBE index.

Outside of the issues of language popularity, which have a certain impact on the ease of finding materials like tutorials or books, or career prospects, educators should really be careful about NOT introducing revolution to their students. Runrev has many practices that can be understood as cultish in nature. As per the marketing material highlighted in this ZDNetUK article, the type of customer that they actively seek is the one most insecure about their ability to learn anything complex (that is the vulnerable). If you frequent their forums for a few months, you will rapidly discover that their typical user is a person who has come to use runrev as exclusive development tool. As you try to get recognized and accepted, you are invited to give up everything else and count on runrev alone to bring you happiness and success.

In my case, all I got from trying to rely on runrev for professional activities was high levels of stress due to uncertainties about product reliability and difficulties to secure grants as an academic or contracts as a freelancer when going for a tool that had no credentials. Really not healthy. I have had far less stress and a great deal more income since deciding to stay away from revolution, about two years ago.

Beware as well that runrev have an annoying habit to take advantage of the fact that their typical user is not that knowledgeable about computing to spread disinformation. I wouldn't take any claim made by runrev at face value. Having coded in runrev and other languages, 90 less code is at best a gross exaggeration. Similar statements on their website are made without any evidence of a study having ever been conducted to back up these claims (no study or source is ever cited).

The language is not uninteresting, far from it. But I personally experienced runrev, the company as imposing a relationship that I perceived as deeply unhealthy.

If you are curious about the hypercard heritage and want to explore more, then best is to check out tileStack or go to their webiste.

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